Sometimes things just don’t go the way you intend. Tonight was one of those nights. We had a pleasure to meet Deryn and her family but nothing seemed to go right. I mixed up pieces from her U-shaped planter with another order this week that was similar. Then, I realized I messed up when doing the pre assembly part at home, which made the pieces and cap not fit correctly on site. Of course these mistakes weren’t caught until we were putting the planter in place…. Stephen and the kids took a truck back home to pick up the missing parts and grab the necessary tools to fix my mistakes. I am thankful for how gracious Deryn was and for my amazing kids who just rolled with it even though dinner got pushed to past bedtime…. on the verge of tears Stephen took over fixing my mistakes while the kids enjoyed the swing in the yard. Some days don’t go as planned. Same with some projects. I’m always telling th e kids that they learn and grow from mistakes, that’s how we get better. Needed a dose of my own medicine tonight. Swallow, sigh, be greatful, learn and move forward.