Have I mentioned one of the best perks of this job is meeting amazing people?! Today we met up with our new friend Donna who is redesigning her garden piece by piece. She plans to have the garden completed this spring to share it with her newborn granddaughter! This raspberry trellis and planter features our most popular “Bricole” style made from repurposed cedar for the frame, new metal panels, new wire for the trellis and of course screws, stain and good old elbow grease! Donna not only is a delightful person to meet, she is also the owner of Hidden Pearls LLC (check her on on FB!) and is working hard to launch her clothing line this fall! What makes her clothing unique is that she hides a pearl inside each garment… believing that all women are queens and queens should wear pearls. How fun! Looking forward to the next custom piece coming in November!