Did you enjoy the soap, garden bug spray and relief roller in your goodie bag?  The essential oils we use in our home for cleaning, cooking, personal care and garden pest control can be easily accessible to you too!  

Recommended products:

Thieves cleaner: Thieves cleaner is an excellent way to introduce chemical free cleaners into your home.  I love how I can be worry free when having my kids help out around the house.  Added bonus?  The cleaner not only works and smells great, it helps to boost your immune system at the same time!  For your garden use you can spray a diluted mix and it helps to combat against common problems like powdery mildew, eliminate soft bodied pests like aphids and thirps, and promotes garden health.  

Thieves Essential oil:  This powerful trio helps to boost your immunity or combat sickness when they begin.  If you have a walkway with lots of weeds, add 40-60 drops to a gallon of vinegar and spray as a natural weed killer that won’t harm your kids, pets or the environment. 

Peppermint oil: This oil helps to create a cooling effect when added to rollers.  In your garden it can help to deter unwanted burrowing pests when placed on a cotton ball and left near holes.  Peppermint oil when applied to your temples will help a headache or migraine too!

Lavender oil: This oil is delightful when diffused in your home, added to a bath or in a roller.  Lavender will help to relax you but is also beneficial to your plants when added to your hand watering.  Add a few drops to your watering can and help struggling transplants or spray to help deter pests like cabbage moths and mosquitos.

Cedarwood oil:  This oil is a favorite to diffuse with lavender for a good nights sleep.  Spray a diluted mixture in the morning or evening to rid your garden of  ants, gnats, fleas and mosquitos.

Cooking oils:  We love using so many oils in our cooking to enhance the naturally beautiful flavor of our homegrown food. Some favorites include black pepper, cinnamon and lemon.