Items Wanted

What you can do to help!

If you have new or old wood from decks, barns, had a remodel done in your home etc we would love to repurpose them for you!  We also are looking for metal sheds, corrugated metal from roofing, or metal from old farms and barns and even heating ductwork.  We can design and create with what you have into unique planters…. basically if you think “well maybe…” email with pictures and we will let you know. Although we don’t mind pulling nails and screws we prefer lumber free of these.  If you think you have something we could use, Email Us with pictures and we’ll get back to you!

What we cannot use: 

Although we would love to be able to repurpose everything out there, some things are just not ok to put in your garden. We cannot use treated lumber.  Even though our design keeps soil contact to a minimum, using treated wood in your garden just isn’t safe for you.