What you can do to help!

We currently are sourcing our repurposed and new material waste from a local fencing contractor. However that source will be gone this summer! We are in search of the next partner to work with, if you know of a company or small business that specializes in replacing HOA cross beam fencing we would love to connect!

In the past we have repurposed peoples “waste” to create garden planters. Although that is fun and makes us feel good, at this time we need to stick to a consistent material to be sour our output is meeting the timelines we set. A consistent material helps us to do that. We can design you a unique planter for a custom project with your materials if you want at labor and new added material cost. Please Email Us with pictures and your idea and we’ll get back to you!

What we cannot use: 

Although we would love to be able to repurpose everything out there, some things are just not ok to put in your garden. We cannot use treated or painted lumber.  Even though our design keeps soil contact to a minimum, using treated wood in your garden just isn’t safe for you.