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What "Full Service" Means:

Full service from RUG means we help you plan the best garden for your space, build your beds, deliver, instal, fill them using best practices, and provide you with gardening support for your first growing season.

Please note there is a $3,000 minimum for a full service project to be considered. Final garden pricing is directly dependent on number of beds, height of beds, finish, pathways and if any arches/trellis are included in your garden. 

If the base price is within your budget and you want to plan your space for a firm quote please fill out the form in the link below.  We will contact you to schedule a complementary 30 minute facetime consult to discuss your garden plan.  We will then follow up with a firm pricing quote for your project.

Consider the following before scheduling your free garden consult:

1.  Budget:  Is a full service garden within my budget?  Full service pricing begins at $3,000.  Final project cost is directly affected by size, finish, quantity and added features such as garden pad and watering systems.

2.  Measure:  Measure your space and take pictures, we will request these via email.

3. Style:  Choose your favorite planter style.  Either cedar and metal “Bricole” or all cedar “Enzi” style.  

4.  Planter Height:  Determine what height planters work best for you and your space, 12″ or 24″ or a combination of both.

5. Finish:  Choose what type of finish you want for your garden; natural (will weather grey), tung oil or custom stain color.

6.  Trellis/Arches:  Do you want to add a vertical footprint via a trellis or arch? This is a fantastic way to add visual appeal as well as functionally to your space.  Arches are $100each and wooden trellis range from $250-$500 pending size and finish.

7.  Garden Pad:  Do you want a defined garden space by adding a garden pad?  We can instal a perimeter of ground contact 4×4 and fill with your choice of pathway medium such as crushed stone, wood chips or rock.  This will give your garden easier to manage pathways rather than grass that is difficult to maintain. 

8. Irrigation:  Do you want to include an irrigation system?  Timed drip irrigation can help to reduce water waste by up to 70% and has been shown to reduce garden disease such as powdery mildew.  If you like weekends away or to travel in the growing seasons this is a great option to set your garden up on timers to thrive in your absence.

8.  Inquiry Form:  Complete the form by clicking the button below and we will be in touch!.

Why having us instal sets you up for success:

When you opt for us to bring you a full service garden you pay for us to do everything from planning, building, labor to instal, level and fill your beds.  We are experienced in creating a level surface for your planters to sit flat longterm, spacing them consistently and apply crushed stone between wood and soil contact to create a dry base and reduce wood rot.  

We fill your garden beds using best practices to improve soil quality and longterm success.  To our knowledge we are the first raised bed gardening business to use the Hugelkultur  method to fill our full service gardens.   Hugelkulture is a century-old way of building a garden using logs and plant debris. The organic material will act as a sponge to help manage water levels in your soil, attract beneficial microorganisms and slowly decompose over time, allowing for head space at the top of your planter to add amendments each year without having to “dig out” and replace soil. 

 We top your planters with high quality planting mix comprised of top soil, hummuce, manure, compost and sand for drainage.   

Kristal has nearly 15 years of experience growing out of raised beds and eagerly shares best practices on how to maintain and develop a thriving raised bed garden and support you in your first growing season.  Seasonal suggestions are posted on our instagram and facebook pages.

New to gardening and need help with developing a planting plan or sourcing your seeds/seedlings to get started?  We can help with that!  Kristal offers coaching and support to full service clients.  Please be sure mention your interest when completing the form below.