Eight beautiful elevated planters made for an even more beautiful client. We really enjoyed working with Dinah and are excited to see these elevated planters take her gardening space to the next level.  Until this year Dinah has had hundreds and hundreds of plastic pots in her yard to grow her veggies during the summer months.  This year she is excited to take her garden to the next level, literally!

Completing this project in a timely manner proved to be interesting at best.  March is a very snowy season for our area and we got walloped right in the middle of production.  Welp… being the creative and resourceful people that we are we had the kids trample down the snow in the sunniest part of the yard and were able to linseed oil these babies to as the snow melted away.  I had an amazing helper in Bricole and it was fun to work beside her for the afternoon.

These planters featured repurposed new 6”x4” cedar scrap from our fencing guy Marco, repurposed 4”x4” cedar posts, repurposed 2”x4” cedar rails and new cedar and new metal for bottom and insert. Finished with linseed oil these babies are ready to be filled and growing in no time! Special thanks to Stephen who figured out a better way to make the legs and for the kids who helped crank these out despite the snow storm earlier in the week. Next up….. garden beds for 4 gardens on the western slope! Crunch time!