Custom Work

This lady loved the box she had to hold her garden hose when not in use but the box was rotten and falling apart. We made her a new one from cedar.

A custom size Bricole style planter with a divider and bottom was requested. The result was awesome.

This is a personal project we wanted for our porch. The table the kids play on outside was just not big enough when they had friends over. Instead of trying to buy something new, we decided to add on a repurposed top to the existing table and build some new benches.

A repeat customer asked if we could make a pair of custom tables for the children she teaches. She recently worked with us to design a children’s garden and wanted to add a potting bench (slatted table) and play table to the space. These two custom tables not only bring the garden to the kids level, but they are sold, functional and made from beautifully repurposed materials.

Our work area is in our back yard and like most people, we don’t want to see our office all the time. This custom privacy wall not only blocks our workspace from view, it is beautiful too! It has also helped block noise, provides shade, and helps our deck feel like an extension of our home. This is a great addition to a porch or patio for anyone in the city. If you are interested in a custom privacy wall, please get in touch with us.

Our new friends at Centaur Center Childcare asked us to help design and build a custom garden for kids while including a grey/red/brown theme. This garden featured custom painted “Enzi” style planters and some fun garden accessories. What used to be a space to store trash cans is now a fully functional and sustainable element of this daycare center!