Custom Work

Are you interested in our help to design a custom garden space or unique planter?  We are blown away by the increased interest in our designs and ask that you first take time to view our pricing pages and have a style in mind before we begin. Some things we will need from you include the size of your space, pitch (if any), where you are located and any visions/ideas you have. From there we will set up a facetime or in person meeting so we can brainstorm together to come up with a plan that will maximize your growing space and add beautiful and functional garden to your back (or front) yard. Please email us to get started today!

Pricing: Custom size pricing will vary based on the project. All custom projects have a minimum quote of $350 to be considered to cover our extra time to meet with you, brainstorming as well as the additional time and resources to build. Prices will vary based on the specific project but we do our best to keep final pricing within range of the cost of our standard planters.

Styles: Custom builds and full service gardens can choose from our Bricole, Enzi, Mommy, Daddy or our original Herringbone styles.

Finish: Custom and full service gardens can choose the type of finish you desire.  Options include; tung oil, linseed oil, exterior stain (multiple color options).  We recommend the use of tung or linseed oil for our Enzi  planters that will be used for growing veggies. Bricole and Mommy styles, your finish options are limitless. 


Trim: Custom builds can choose between our standard “square” trim or angled trim

Soil and Installation:  For our custom garden planters we also offer a high quality ready grow garden mix soil.  This is a beautiful five way mix comprised of top soil, compost, animal manure, sand and peat moss.  This is hands down THE BEST mix we have found and have added it to our own raised bed gardens.  When we quote cost we include soil costs, delivery fees and the time/labor to level and fill your custom planter.  

Water Hookup and watering system:  For custom work and full service gardens we offer a custom watering system.   This hookup system allows for you or your landscaper to tap into your existing irrigation system (or a hose to your house with a timer) and reduces water/wood contact on your planter, which will help to extend the longevity of your beautiful garden.  Not only that but by watering at the soil level, you save up to 70% of water, reduce the presence of some common garden diseases and it takes some of the guess work out of gardening!  


Trellis:  Custom gardens and full service gardens have the option to add our standard trellising or panel arches.  Adding arches to your garden space not only help to add to the visual appeal of your space, but it can also improve your garden footprint for small spaces by providing a growing area for climbers like squashes, sugar pumpkins, and pole beans.  

Custom Additions:  Maybe you have an idea to add to the garden plan we come up with together.  Things like a gate, garden entry, privacy wall, flip benches, shelves or more.  We can do that!  All you have to do is bring your ideas into our brainstorming and we can make it happen to make your garden space unique to you!

Trellis Options
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Privacy planter