Ok, ok… I know with each custom build I say “it was my favorite build to date” but this is so true yet again! ?. Meeting Jack and planing this custom planter for his daughter Molly was a beautiful experience all around. From brainstorming, planning, getting feedback from friends of the family and implementation, this whole process helped us grow in so many ways. I think my favorite part of custom builds continues to be getting to know the people we build for. Molly, Jack and Lisa were certainly an amazing family whom we are better for knowing. This project expanded what we we thought we were capable of and has turned out beautifully! The prep work on the front end was done throughout the week and the planter was built in two days! Meeting Molly will put a grin on anyone’s face and we look forward to seeing her garden grow next summer!
This project feathered repurposed 4×4 cedar “Pappa style” planter for the 24’x4’ base, repurposed cedar 2×4’s to create the hail cover/green house frame, and repurposed 2×4’s and new cattle panel to create the trellis. Completed with repurposed 4×4’s cut down to make flip benches and a clear seal to finish the exterior. Thanks to our neighbor and friend Tim for helping us figure out the childcare juggle and amazing kids who helped us set up and get the project started. We are so thrilled with how this turned out! Check out the final brand done by Molly!