It was a busy week but so rewarding as we completed a custom, full service garden for our client Barbara! The week presented its own challenges with weather and childcare but we are so thankful for flexible clients who work with us.

It was fun to have the kids on site to “help” with the install for part of the day and although we moved 9 yards of dirt…. I feel as if it was an added ton in child rides. Again, I am so thankful for our neighbor friend Tim who helped with this project and install. When teamed up Tim and Kristal are an “all-state” dirt moving team!

Barbara and her husband Nate were a pleasure to work with and we are so excited to see progress of their space growing over the summer.

This garden featured (7) 6’x2’x24” and (1) 6’x4’x24” cedar and metal “Bricole” style planters with (7)added trellis. Finished with tung oil. They were made from repurposed 4×4, 2×4’s and new 4”x6” new scrap from our fencing connection. We absolutely love how this space was transformed!