Learn and grow. Meet Diane. I am so thankful for the opportunity to build a new garden space for her. Not only has it become a beautiful space in her yard, but she helped me grow at the same time! She wanted a gardening mentor” in setting up her garden! ? With my long term business goals I am moving into mentoring and planting the gardens we design and this was a great opportunity for a trial run with an excellent student. Diane has two 8’x5’x15” cedar and metal “Bricole” style beds and one arching trellis. It was fun to share some permaculture practices, companion planting, pruning/tending knowledge and the best part… getting those plants and seeds into the ground! Shoutout to @hilltopgardensco for some amazing starter plants and @mrslynzibo for the recommendation. We grew in so many ways last week and look forward to where this will lead for our business.