Well friends, we finally did it.  After years of talking about it, saving, planning and praying our life would align, we  have taken the leap and sold our Denver home to purchase our very own homestead.  About two months ago we closed on our very own 19 acres in Woodbury, Georgia!  We are excited about our beautiful new home and raw land that we can develop into sustainable systems to support our family.
Why Georgia? Well… as you all know, one of our core values as a family is to grow our own food and live sustainably.  We can successfully grow our veggies, nuts, berries and fruit all year round as well as afford the acreage to support chicken and livestock for our family consumption.  We got connected to this fantastic opportunity through a friend and the process just happened so organically, we knew it was the right move for our family.
Although we have tremendously enjoyed living in Colorado and are beyond thankful for the outpouring of support for our family and business the past three years, we have made the decision to pursue our dream (and business) to live sustainably on our own acreage.   The path that has led us here has been one we will never forget. The lessons learned and growth along the way and friendships are irreplaceable.
We eagerly look towards our future with high hopes and ideas. We will continue to provide gardens to Denver metro while we transition into our new Georgia market.  Anyone interested in fill your own planters or full service garden design and instal should reach out to us via email to get on our spring 2023 list.
In the interim please bear with our lack of posts as we set up our systems, update our website with 2021 and 2022 gardens we designed and installed and unpack all our boxes.
Here’s to taking the leap, pursing dreams and making things happen!