Custom 12’x2’x30″ Stained Bricole

Say aloha to Paula’s new garden! Hailing from a childhood in Hawaii where her mom always cooked from her garden, Paula wanted to add a kitchen garden space to her Colorado patio and included all the good stuff. Timed watering system, plants from @hilltopgardensco, custom planter and high quality soil from @allaroundsoilstone. Besides being a […]

Custom 5’x7’x30″ Tung oil Bricole

Ok so… you know when you meet some people you automatically get this “connected” feeling?! That’s how it is with Giovanna. She is one of those uniquely authentic people who you just vibe with from the very first moment. Often meeting clients through email, FaceTime and phone can be a challenge, not with her. The […]

Custom 4’x3’x24″ stained Bricole with Trellis

The best part of full service installations is getting to know the people we build for. Adel was so fun to get to know and we are so excited to see her garden grow. Her five 4’x3’x24” Bricole style beds were made from repurposed cedar 4×4’s, new 6”x2” scrap, new metal, stained redwood color. She […]

Custom 5’x2’x30″ Herringbone

Here’s a new twist! Jeff wanted us to make a fish pond for his porch to put his koi in….my reaction to his request?! Bring it on! Chance for growth. This 5’x2’x30” herringbone box is capped with 2”x6” on top and bottom to add some rigidity. The base is reinforced with cross beams and the […]

Custom 8’x5’x15″ Natural Bricole with Arch

Learn and grow. Meet Diane. I am so thankful for the opportunity to build a new garden space for her. Not only has it become a beautiful space in her yard, but she helped me grow at the same time! She wanted a gardening mentor” in setting up her garden! With my long term business […]