Yummy Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkins!  Nothing says fall like pulling those pumpkins off the vine and adding them to our pantry.  My son has taken a special interest in the life cycle of “his” pumpkins.  He planted them as seeds this spring, watched them grow, patiently waited and waited and waited for them to turn orange so he could …

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Pumpkin Guts Slime

Its fall which means pumpkin harvest time! Those little pumpkins that my kids have watched grow and grow and eventually turn from light green to dark green to beautiful golden orange are ready to pick! This is a favorite day for my two kids as they have been told all summer “no they aren’t ready …

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Early Harvest

Harvest. Yes we love to harvest, to see the fruits of our spring and summer labor. But September 6th is too early for the “last” harvest.  This year we had an early snow storm and so we spent the weekend harvesting anything that could not be covered for protection. This season our porch trellis and …

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