7 Perennial Herbs to Grow in your Garden

Herbs!  Can you say yummmy?  My mouth is watering writing this as I think about my herb garden.  I love how many of my staple herbs I cook with are also perennials.  (Perennials are plants that grow year after year without having to re-plant in the spring).  I love to plant and sow my seeds […]

How to Pick Seeds for Your Garden

It’s the time of year when avid gardeners pour over seed catalogues, drool over possibilities, explore new varieties, plan planting for their beds or dream of expanding their gardens in the spring.  For the novice gardener the thought of picking seeds can be overwhelming.  There are literally THOUSANDS of seeds to choose from.  Where do […]

Top 10 Herbs to grow for your chickens

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means as an Associate I may receive a small percentage from qualifying purchases if you make a purchase using the links, at no additional cost to you* Let’s talk herbs and chickens.  We as humans love to use herbs to spice up our culinary exploits, and fresh from […]

Getting your Raised Garden ready for winter

Sigh… fall is here and It makes me sad as I say goodbye to my glorious garden.  The lush green slowly fades away and turns brown as the cold weather sets in. I’m thrilled with my harvest and stores in my freezer/pantry but already dreaming of my spring garden. Gardening out of raised beds successfully […]

Pumpkin Guts Slime

Its fall which means pumpkin harvest time! Those little pumpkins that my kids have watched grow and grow and eventually turn from light green to dark green to beautiful golden orange are ready to pick! This is a favorite day for my two kids as they have been told all summer “no they aren’t ready […]