Risk + Goals = Living our Dream

Well friends, we finally did it.  After years of talking about it, saving, planning and praying our life would align, we  have taken the leap and sold our Denver home to purchase our very own homestead.  About two months ago we closed on our very own 19 acres in Woodbury, Georgia!  We are excited about […]

A Season of Change

I always anticipate the shoulder seasons with mixed emotions.  Fall is met with melancholy that my blissful days of just stepping into the garden to prepare a gourmet meal are coming to a close.  But yet anticipating the rest that comes after canning and preserving our excess for winter is surely welcomed.   This year, our […]

Get back up!

Phew… what a week. You ever have those weeks were you just are slammed and then one thing goes wrong and another and another? Yep that was me this past week. Major tools breaking, flatbed breaking down loaded with soil for a job, a job extended from two days to six… those were just a […]

When one Door Closes…..

When one door closes another one opens.  I am such a firm believer in this!  Doors and gates are meant to be opened and represent opportunity and beauty! Sometimes it takes some time looking for that next door because the door that just shut behind you kicked you in the butt or you didn’t even […]

Attracting Pollinators to your Garden

Is there anything prettier than fresh cut flowers?  When planning my seed starts I always include flowers for many reasons.  I love the vibrant color they add to the garden, they attract native pollinators, some deter garden pests, many provide seeds for the birds in the fall and of course give my kids something that […]