Sometimes customers will opt out of using repurposed materials to have their planter made with all new or treated materials.  Although we do not recommend utilizing treated wood in your vegetable garden where you consume what you grow, in flower beds it is perfectly ok!  Susan and Maureen wanted a planter that would last and last and not need replacement for a long, long, long time.  Also because of the length and width (10’x5′) if they had used our repurposed materials, their planter would have been made in two different parts and then attached together much like our first planter at Woody’s in Golden.  This very large, very sturdy “Bricole” style planter was made with treated lumber for the framing, then stained cedar color, finished with a new metal panel.  The bottom was reinforced with an additional 2×4 to create some strength and stability over the longterm.  Susan and Maureen plan to have this planter thriving with daisy’s and other drought tolerant flowers.