The Process:

Bringing beautiful planters that skillfully combine repurposed and new materials at affordable cost isn’t easy.  It takes time for us to reclaim wood, clean it and then get it ready for your projects.  Yeah, we could just head down the street to Home Depot and pick up new wood, but what’s the fun in that?!  By reclaiming and repurposing unwanted wood and metal we are helping the environment and keeping these items out of landfills. It makes us feel good to do a little bit of elbow work to bring you a beautiful garden at an affordable cost!   To get your repurposed planter to you we have to:

  • -find wood or contact local contractors
  • -transport it
  • -clean it up- take out screws, nails and cut off any rot or old wood
  • -cut and rip wood to size and
  • -cut metal/new cedar for paneling
  • -assemble the rails and blocks to create the frame
  • -stain/paint/oil or otherwise prepare the frame
  • -add your insert (metal or cedar)
  • -assemble the box
  • -burn our “brand”
  • Then your planter is ready for pickup or delivery!

Phew… that is a lot!  Because of this process, some orders may take time.  You will be receiving a hand made, assembled when ordered product. Please be patient and know that we are working as hard as we can to complete your order quickly.  

Who We Are

Renew Urban Garden is a family operated business that specializes in unique handcrafted garden planters.  We skillfully combine locally sourced wood waste with new materials to bring functional, yet sustainable style to your garden.  Founded in the spring of 2020 due to a COVID related lay-off, Kristal and Stephen launched head first into a passion to bring sustainable, affordable and beautiful gardens into the urban setting.  As a lifelong gardener and urban homesteader, Kristal loves using skills she learned from her father who is a master carpenter in NH.  Stephen builds and manages the website as well as assists with building/installing custom planters during the busy seasons.  The two most popular planter styles are named after their two children, Bricole and Enzi.

“The Brawn”

Kristal Kostiew-Smith

Kristal is “The Brawn” and is often the driving force behind this family run business.  She developed our central design that maximizes materials and minimizes waste.  Kristal grew up learning woodworking from her father, Mike (Pappa), and enjoys the physicality of working with her hands.  Kristal markets our products, manages our facebook, instagram and pintrest pages, reclaims wood, cuts metal, assembles planters and contacts local contractors to purchase wood to repurpose.  She is the one you interact with via Facebook, Email and phone.  Kristal is handy with a hammer and helps to reclaim and cut salvaged wood and metal for our projects as well as design and build.  She is the artistic one when it comes to designing your custom garden planter and looks forward to designing with you! Being a mommy and living organically is her dream and she is living it!  Besides exploring, learning and growing with the Kiddos, she loves to garden, hike, cook from scratch and shares those loves with the family. 

“The Brains” 

Stephen Smith

Stephen is the “Brains” behind this operation.  He is our website developer, product inspector and business guru.  He helps to brainstorm ideas of how to make what we offer better and researches to help our business be able to produce affordable planters that are comparable to the best out there.  Stephen is handy with a hammer and helps to reclaim wood, cut metal, assemble, and create our designs.  He is an invaluable asses during the summer months making material runs, moving dirt and loading planters.  Besides doing all this to help our business to be successful, he is the BEST Daddy and husband in the world!  Stephen loves to camp and fish and shares that love with the family frequently.

The “Kiddos”

Bricole and Enzi

Bricole and Enzi have brought so much meaning to our lives.  We want them to see and learn the value of hard work, growing your own food and caring for our world.  “The Kiddos” are the artists behind our thank you gift bags, note cards and even assist with assembly and staining.  They love learning through play, nature and movement.  Science experiments, reading and chasing our pet chickens are daily activities. 

Bricole With Sia

 Bricole loves riding her bike, singing to her favorite chickens “Sia” and “White House” and is the best big sister out there.  She almost always has her best friend “Tay-Tay” by her side (a stuffed elephant).  She is beautiful, imaginative, spunky and unique. 

 Enzi loves playing in the sand box, playing in water, baking and helping Mommy do just about everything.  He is sweet, charming and fun.  His easy laugh and funny antics keep us all on our toes. He loves horses, trains and “fast cars”.  His favorite lovey “Neigh-he-he” and yellow blanket accompany him almost everywhere. 

We all look forward to meeting you in person when you pick up your next garden bed!