Meet the Smith Family

Who We Are:

Renew Urban Garden is a family operated business that specializes in unique handcrafted garden planters, garden design, and full service gardens.  We skillfully combine wood waste with new materials to bring functional, yet sustainable style to your garden.  Building beautiful planters that skillfully combines repurposed and new materials isn’t easy.  It takes time for us to source and reclaim wood and prepare it for your projects.  Yeah, we could just head down the street to Home Depot and pick up new wood, but what’s the fun in that?!  By reclaiming and repurposing unwanted wood we are doing our part to help the environment and keeping these items out of landfills. It makes us feel good to do a little bit of elbow work to bring you a beautiful garden that has a unique story!   

As a lifelong gardener and urban homesteader, Kristal loves using woodworking skills she learned from her father as a child to build each planter.  She enjoys the physicality of working with her hands and the joy a beautiful garden can bring to her clients.  Kristal builds the planters, manages the social media platforms and contacts local contractors to purchase wood.   When seeking a custom piece or full service garden, she will meet with you bring your ideas to life. Being a mommy and living sustainably is her dream and she is living it!  Besides exploring, learning and growing with the kiddos, she loves to garden, hike, cook from scratch and shares those loves with the family. 

Stephen helps build and manage the website (isn’t it awesome?!) as well as assist with building/installing full service gardens.  Stephen is our website developer, product inspector and business guru.  He is handy with a hammer and helps out in so many invaluable ways.  Stephen is an awesome daddy and husband and is often found at our homestead cutting down trees or teaching the kids wilderness survival skills.  He loves to fish, hike and bike and shares those loves with the family. 

Our two most popular planter styles are named after our two children, Bricole and Enzi.   We enjoy that they take an active part in the business and want them to learn the value of hard work, growing their own food and caring for our world. Bricole is spunky, determined and creative. She loves to ride her bike, explore in nature and invent new things.  Enzi is polite, generous and loves to pick his mommy flowers.  He likes to garden (even has his own garden!) investigate bugs and loves horses.  Both children love learning through play, nature and movement.  Science experiments, reading and chasing our pet chickens are daily activities around our homestead.  You will meet them when they tag along to “help” with in person quotes and on installation day.

Thank you for supporting our family operated small business.  We look forward to growing with you!