It was such a pleasure to meet Susan and Paul and help beautify their unused space near their condos garage. Susan and Paul have a love for plants and are thrilled to have a functional space to enjoy (their neighbors are excited too!). They were a delightful couple to work for and truly are people who you smile to know. I had to create a level base as the space sloped about 12″ from the side of the condo.  It was my first try at setting a base before installing planters but it turned out to be a fun learning experience!  This project featured repurposed and new 4×4 base to level the area and then two 4’x4’x15” and one 4’x2’x24” “Bricole” style planters with added trellis.  The planers and trellis were made from repurposed cedar fencing that was cleaned and stained and the trellis used repurposed galvanized wire.  New metal was used for all three boxes.  It was a long day and I’m exhausted but to see the joy on their faces was worth every drop of sweat!