Barbara and Rick with their new tomato garden!

Barbara and Rick wanted to make an unused path along their fence into a beautiful space to grow tomatoes for sauce, soups, salads and more.  We added six, 6’x2’x24″ Bricole style beds with 6′ wooden trellis to each.  The tomatoes will grow up and secure to the trellis that will support them in the wind that passes through that area in the late summer.  Full installation included leveling of the area, spacing the planters, filling the planters, securing the trellis and installing and timed watering system. 

 This is only PART of what we installed today…. phew! I’ll post the other half tomorrow. SIX 6’x2’x24” planters with attached trellis, installed and filled for part one. Stephen added water hookups also. Made from cedar new scrap 4”x6”, repurposed 4”x4” and new corrugated metal, new galvanized fencing (trellis) and finished with tung oil. The kids are getting better at “helping” and I am ever so grateful for Tim and Stephen to help things run smoothly and accomplish amazing things in a day! ??. I’m thrilled with this project and can’t wait to see the growing beauty this summer!

Barbara and Rick have amazing green thumbs and we look forward to seeing this space thrive with them!

Space before instal
The kids helping