Fill Your Own Planters

Do you love our planters but want to fill and instal yourself?  Choose from our inventory listed below.  Due to high demand, please understand inventory is limited.  To order from this list, or schedule full service for specific sizes, please EMAIL US the style and quantity and we will get back to you about pickup or delivery (delivery $25-$100 pending mileage and quantity). 

CASH or VENMO only


Cedar and new Metal


4x2x12″ $175 (2)

4’x2’x20″ $225 (1)


All Cedar

Final Liquidation 2022

Sold Out



Final Liquidation 2022

4’x2’x22″ $275 (4)


Weathered cedar, repurposed metal

Sold Out



Weathered all Cedar

Sold Out

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Want something Custom

We have received many requests asking if we can make something very custom or bring an old planter back to life. If you have a custom project you want to talk to us about, let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


garden planter
The Bricole
Enzi Planter
The Enzi
The Mommy
The Daddy
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